Compassionate Cancer Treatment

Nothing is more devastating than to hear the words "you have cancer."

Not only do you need physical care, you also need emotional care and understanding at the same time. If you have been diagnosed with head cancer, neck cancer, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, rectal cancer, or cervical cancer and your treating physician has recommended cancer radiation as part of your treatment, Compassionate Cancer Care Las Vegas can give you the information and answers to your questions about the latest in cancer radiation treatment technologies.

When you receive Cancer Treatment at our Las Vegas facility, you will have an initial consultation and a physical examination to evaluate the extent of your cancer and your overall health. A detailed medical and family health history will be taken, as well as information regarding other health issues, any allergies, and your lifestyle. After evaluating your condition, your radiation oncologist and medical oncologists will create a customized cancer radiation treatment plan for you.

At Compassionate Cancer Care, we are geared to look at the whole person -- addressing not just the physical, but also the emotional well-being of each patient.

  Get the Most Advanced Radiation Treatment Available

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Our radiation oncologists and staff are thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in the most advanced cancer Radiation Treatment for Las Vegas cancer patients. Once you have been evaluated at our facility, your radiation oncologist will design an individualized cancer treatment plan that best suits your particular needs. We will also work with your treating physician and medical and surgical oncologists.

Our goal is to treat your disease with the most advanced radiation technology and to make you as comfortable as possible while going through your procedure. We will help eliminate any side effects to your cancer treatment and support all your concerns and emotional needs so you can make a better recovery and have a better quality of life.

As a state-of-the-art cancer facility, Compassionate Cancer Care Las Vegas uses several advanced radiation therapies including 3-D Conformal Radiation for our Las Vegas patients. This type of radiation therapy begins with digital images of a tumor. These images are then put into a computer that creates a specialized cancer treatment plan by producing a precise 3-D image that differentiates the tumor from the surrounding healthy tissues. Your radiation oncologist and radiation therapist can then direct the radiation beams from different directions so they match the exact size, depth and shape of the tumor. This type of cancer therapy is usually given for five days during a six or seven week period, but the dose and number of radiation treatments vary with the individual patient and also depends on the size, type and location of the tumor.

  Total Personalized Care Tailored to Meet Your Individual Needs

At Compassionate Cancer Care Las Vegas, our highly trained radiation oncologists and board-certified radiation therapists are specialists in Radiation Therapy in the Las Vegas area. When you come to us as a patient, you can be assured you will get only the best therapy available and doctors with a truly considerate bedside manner. We provide only the most advanced radiation therapies for breast cancer, prostrate cancer, cervical cancer, rectal cancer, head cancer and neck cancer. Types of radiation therapy include external beam radiation, 3-D conformal radiation therapy (3-D CRT), brachytherapy, and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), and MamoSite.

As a leader in Radiation Oncology in the Las Vegas area, Compassionate Cancer Care is dedicated to providing the most accurate and effective radiation treatment therapies. To that end, Compassionate Cancer Care offers a full range of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment and will stay abreast of new treatments that are on the forefront of cancer treatments. We will continue to provide total personalized care that is tailored to meet each individual patients needs.

Get state-of-the-art cancer treatment today!


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